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Learning through play, the natural way!

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Discovery International School
for Native/Near-Fluent English Speakers,
Elementary Grades 1~6

Tuesdays ~ Saturdays, 3:00 ~ 6:30 (120 & 180 minute lessons! See our Sample Schedule below.)

Considering an afternoon English program for your child?

We provide more than just English!

Children working at Discovery International School

International Preschool in Nagakute

Discovery International School provides your child with a modern, research-supported approach to children's learning--in English! Our teachers are licensed and experienced educators. Our curriculum and environment are carefully designed to maximize language development, along with all areas of learning.

Learning Through Projects

Tracing a tree at DIS, Nagoya, Japan

At Discovery, your child's voice is of greatest importance. Your child's questions and wondering serve as the starting points for engaging in deep learning projects, where teachers assist your child in finding and sharing their own answers.

Academic subjects are combined to create real-life research and learning. As we delve into personally meaningful topics, English is acquired naturally and proficiently!

A boy working at a computer at DIS

Children working together at Discovery International School in Nagoya, Japan

Some recent learning projects have included:

  • *How are cars made? (science, math, social studies, art, small motor)
  • *Why are people born? (philosophy, world religions, anthropology, music)
  • *How do people know where to go? (mapping, social studies, art, large & small motor)
  • *How are puzzles made? (math, art, small motor)


At Discovery, children are the speakers and thinkers; teachers are guides and mentors. We encourage children to share thinking through multiple languages: speaking, writing, painting, sculpture, drama, song, dance... the 'Hundred Languages of Children!' We provide children with the English they need to communicate these thoughts orally and in writing. Communication thrives as your child can feel at ease to share knowledge, opinions, and feelings in an environment free of pressure or judgement!

Thinking about painting at DIS!

Chatting at DIS in Nagoya, Japan

Painting at Discovery International School


Studying at Discovery International School, Nagoya, Japan

Literacy development is completely individualized in our literacy workshops. Teachers work with children one-to-one and in small groupings to develop the complete range of literacy skills: comprehension, prediction, inferencing, word and letter sound decoding, and much much more!

Writing at DIS

We customize the learning of skills so that every child gets just what they need to continue expanding their understandings of reading and writing!


Your child's pursuits are carefully documented through photographic and video journeys. Classroom documentation allows children and teachers to revisit the learning process, reflect on new understandings, and find new questions to pursue.

Recording information at Discovery International School

Our secure online documentation allows parents to view your child's doings at school. Parents are also welcome to join lessons at any time!

Additionally, we host parent-teacher conferences twice a year to share our understandings of your child's interests and growth.

Sample Schedule:

4:15 Arrival & Initial Meeting
Music & Movement, Story Time, Mini-Lesson
(introduction of materials, artistic techniques, etc)
4:30 Literacy Workshop
Reading, writing, and oral language development

Complete, individualized literacy instruction in the full range of skills (comprehension,
prediction, inferring, word decoding, spelling, grammar, etc....everything!)

One-to-one reading & writing workshops

Additional support through select software
and language games.
5:15 Snack
5:20 Project Time
Focused, small group & independent learning projects

Vocabulary building is maximized while children research their own
deep questions and share what they learn with others

Children develop research and presentation skills, allowing them to become
independent learners and critical thinkers!

Time is also devoted to expressing thinking
and emotions through the Arts
6:05 Closing Meeting
Review of day’s events, Mini-Lesson, Story Time, Music & Movement
6:15 Dismissal

* Children may attend 1 ~ 2 times a week.

Tuition & Fees

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International English Preschool & After School
Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach
Licensed Early Childhood Educators
Located just east of Nagoya in Nagakute City
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Discovery International School
is certified as a child care center
by the Aichi Prefectural government./p>