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Learning through play, the natural way!

Discovery International School
Our Philosophy

Early childhood is an essential time for developing self-image, social skills, language, health habits, and so much more. Positive, developmentally supportive social learning experiences are critical to each child’s life-long development.

Young children learn exceptionally well through play, where they conceive, test, and negotiate meanings and understandings with peers. Play informs parents and teachers about a child's knowledge, curiosities, and fundamental questions. The best learning opportunities are rooted in enriched play and play-based inquiries.

Educator hugs a student.

Our guiding principles:

  • All children are worthy and capable of love, joy, and respect
    School experiences must be joyful, respectful and full of love!

  • All children are capable of negotiating relationships and rules
    Children must be allowed to experiment with social expectations.

  • All children possess worthwhile personal knowledge, interests, and questions
    Quality learning experiences expand upon children’s own inquiries.

  • All children communicate meaningfully through multiple ‘languages’: speech, song, painting, dance, sculpture, and so much more

  • Every child’s communication thrives when somebody listens and encourages
    Quality instruction helps children clarify thoughts, reflect on experiences, and discover new questions of personal relevance.

  • Learning is social, not passive
    Learning is a social negotiation of understanding and meaning. The primary voice is the child’s (as opposed to the teachers’).

  • Every child's development proceeds at an individual pace
    Quality instruction recognizes and supports each child’s capabilities.

  • Each child has naturally preferred learning proclivities
    Quality instruction provides a wide range of opportunities to acquire and display skills and concepts: artistically, musically, linguistically, physically, dramatically, and more. Quality education encourages and celebrates all learner proclivities equally.

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International English Preschool & After School
Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach
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Located just east of Nagoya in Nagakute City
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Discovery International School
is certified as a child care center
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